Top 10 Popular Temples in Assam

The gateway to Northeast India, Guwahati has the Shillong Plateau on one side and the Brahmaputra River on the other. Assam is a fascinating city, rich in historical significance and proudly boasting many temples, religious shrines, stone carvings, traditional festivals, caves and much more. The beautiful temples attract numerous visitors from all over the world who […]

33 tourist places in Assam

Wrapped in fragrant tea plantations, canoeing down the Brahmaputra River or dense forests with the most exotic wildlife, Assam is one of the most enchanting states in Northeast India waiting to be explored.Wondering where to start?  Take a look at these amazing tourist destinations in Assam to plan your adventure trip to the Northeast  . Home to the highest […]

10 Best Schools in City Guwahati Assam

Delhi Public School Ahomgaon Road Tripathi Balaji Mandir Guwahati Assam Delhi Public School is the best school you will find near city Guwahati, it is the 182nd best school in India and the 4th best school in Assam.Bestschool rating for this school is A1, which means this school is legendary among other schools in India, […]

Top 18 Foods You Must Try in Assam

Assam is a beautiful state in North East India. It is famous for its wildlife, tea plantations and archaeological sites. Along with this, many of its dishes have a distinct taste. Assamese cuisine has a great influence on the flavors of the neighboring states. Let’s taste some Assam food. 1. Goror emulsion Goror Payas is the best choice if […]

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