Famous Foods of Bihar | Dishes of Bihar Cuisine You Shouldn’t Miss!

The historically rich land of Bihar  is as famous for the delicacies it has in its cuisine. The tasty and exotic Bihari dishes are highly capable of tingling the taste buds of every foodie. Here’s a list of must-try Bihari foods, dishes beyond the staple sattu or parval ki mithai, that you’re sure to love more! 1. […]

41 Beautiful Beaches Near Patna

Chandipur 477 km from Patna Best time: December-February Chandipur is a coastal enclave in the Baleshwar region that is securely placed on the coast of Orissa. Chandipur is privately known as Chandipur-on-Ocean. Chandipur Beach is an amazing place to be as nature’s wonder enters you. An exceptional strength of this coastline is that the tides are reduced to […]

10 Best Schools in Bihar

Delhi Public School Village Lodipur Chandmari Police Station Shahpur Distt. Patna Bihar Delhi Public School is the best school that you will find around it is the 22nd best school in India and the amazing fact is that this school is the best school in entire Bihar.Bestschool rating for this school is A1, which means this […]

10 Best Tourist Places in Bihar

Bihar is an underrated  tourist destination in India  . We agree, we would have many foreign tourists to conquer Bihar but unexpectedly they are all limited to few places in this historically rich state.  Bihar’s history goes back  to the disintegration of Indian civilization and the state prospered as the center of royal empires like Magadha. It is the […]

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