10 Best Tourist Places in Bihar

Bihar is an underrated  tourist destination in India  . We agree, we would have many foreign tourists to conquer Bihar but unexpectedly they are all limited to few places in this historically rich state. 

Bihar’s history goes back  to the disintegration of Indian civilization and the state prospered as the center of royal empires like Magadha.

It is the state that has given birth to two important religions of the world –  Buddhism and Jainism  . Over the years, Bihar has developed into a historical place rich in various cultures and traditions. Today, what we see is a taste of the legacy of different empires. And if we make ourselves more adaptable and open to travel, we can find an important jewel in the chest of the Indian bow.

1. Patna

Patna is the largest city in Bihar situated on the south bank of the Ganga   .  Known as  Pataliputra in ancient India , it  is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world . As the birthplace of the last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh,  Patna is a pilgrimage site for Sikh devotees  .

During the Harianka, Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga, Gupta and Pala eras, the city gained fame throughout India. Today, Patna is a developing city, striving alongside modernization; Malls, high-end hotels and movie theaters have sprung up in cities. But Patna has to move a bit to become a part of other universe. Overall, Patna is a decent place with very modern facilities. It is  one of the best tourist places in Bihar  .

2. Gaya

Gaya,  one of the best places to visit in Bihar, is  a Hindu pilgrimage site and a transit point for the Buddhist pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya. It is  one of the famous tourist places in Bihar  . Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment under a tree here.

Gaya is a busy city situated on the banks of the Falgu river and has many temples and historical sites from different eras that stand here as a testament to the successful rule of the Mauryan and Gupta dynasties. The glory of the gear had grown to such an extent that even Hiuen Tsang could not refrain from mentioning it in his travels.

3. Nalanda

Nalanda,  one of the oldest universities in India,  is  an important place to visit in Bihar  . A perfect reminder of the prosperous times of the Gupta and Pala periods, Nalanda Bihar attracts appreciative tourists. Tirthankara, Mahavira, the last and most famous Jain spent 14 monsoons here. Even, it is said that Buddha Nalanda gave a discourse at the mango grove.

Such was the fame of this educational center that the famous Chinese traveler Hiun Tsang came here and stayed here for at least two years. Moreover, another famous Chinese expatriate of I-teasing stayed in Nalanda for about 10 years and was proud of the place. Today most of Nalanda is in ruins but this place is definitely worth a visit!

4. Griddhakuta Peak

Also known as Shakun Peak, Grihkut Peak is located in Rajgir, Bihar. This peak is  the most famous place in Rajgir  and is at a height of 400 meters. It is called Vulture Peak because of its size and frequent vultures. This place is believed to be important in history as Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra to convert the Maurya king Bimbisara.

It is  one of the major tourist destinations in Bihar. It is also believed that the Buddha began the second cycle of the law and gave many sermons here. At the top is a fragment of a pagoda believed to have been built by Japanese Buddhists. Here are some caves that add to the thrill of reaching Cherileft here.

5. Munger

 Marked as the  yoga school in Bihar , Munger is  another popular tourist destination in Bihar . The history of Munger dates back to the Aryans, who called Munger ‘Midland’ for their settlement. For yoga enthusiasts, Munger is not an unfamiliar name, so we can expect the place to be heavily crowded with foreigners.

Present day Munger is a twin town consisting of Munger and Jamalpur. Known as one of the oldest cities in Bihar, Munger was the capital of Mir Qasim before the British took over. The place has many historical ruins which make it attractive.

6. Vaishali

Vaishali is an important archaeological site that was once the capital of the Lichhavi rulers. Vaishali was the last Jain Tirthankara to gain fame as the birthplace of Lord Mahavira. Mahavira is believed to have been born and raised at Kundalgram in the Vaishali Republic in the sixth century AD.

This place witnessed the last sermon delivered by Buddha in 483 BC. Vaishali was a prosperous kingdom during the Buddhist period, also known for the beautiful courtesan of Amrapali. So, you see, Vaishali has an Ashoka pillar to remember and add to the historical charm. This ancient city is mentioned in the travelogues of prominent Chinese travelers such as Fa-Hien and Hiun Sang.

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7. Navlakha Palace

Nabalkha Palace is in ruins at Rajnagar near Madhubani in Bihar. The palace was built by Maharaja Rameshwar Singh and is said to have been largely destroyed in an earthquake in 1933. After its demolition, no repairs were done, and now the palace is in a dilapidated state. It is a royal palace and despite being so damaged, one can marvel at the splendor of its architecture. The palace complex has gardens, lakes and temples. Navlakha Palace is  one of the tourist places in Bihar  .

8. Janaki Temple

Built around 100 years ago, the Janki temple is located in Sitamarhi, Bihar. Sitamari is believed to be the birthplace of Sita, the talisman of Rama. The Janki temple is believed to be the place where Sita was born and a temple was built here to mark the occasion. The temple has a welcoming entrance and a large courtyard that can be enjoyed by a large number of devotees. Also the nearby lake called Junki Kund is an interesting place for fans as well as tourists. This temple is  one of the best tourist places in Bihar.

9. Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

Kanwar  Lake is the largest freshwater lake in India  . Located in Begusarai, Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is considered a haven for various species of migratory birds. Unfortunately, the place is losing its importance due to neglect, the status of wetland ecosystems was discussed at the 2014 South Asia Wetland Governance held in Delhi. We hope that some precautionary measures have been taken for this bird sanctuary which is a habitat for domestic and migratory birds.

10. Hyun Tsang Memorial Hall

Apparently, the hall was built in memory of the famous hall traveler Hiuen Tsang. It is believed that Hyun Sangs visited Nalanda in the 5th century AD and was so fascinated by the place that he decided to stay here for 12 years to study and teach. The monument is a reflection of the artistic and academic glory of Nalanda University. Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall is one of the best tourist places in Bihar.

10 Best Tourist Places in Bihar

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